Western Sydney residents use Mascot and should share the noise

Curfews are generally a governments response when plane landings get so frequent and noisy that residents can’t even sleep.  Many airports in the world close to builtup areas have curfews.
Mascot has been used as an airport since the 1920s it is surrounded by Botany Bay, a river, industrial land,  gardens and some residential areas in surrounding suburbs over which the planes fly.
More than 60% of takeoffs and landings are over the sea or non residential areas. See here   Its current curfew prevents planes from landing between 11pm and 6am. Over 4000 homes in the area surrounding Mascot have been insulated from noise at the taxpayers expense under government noise reduction programs .  

 The airport at Badgerys Creek is proposed to be 24hours with all aircraft movements over land and residential areas.  If a curfew is good enough for Eastern suburbs residents then why isn’t it good enough for Western Sydney residents.
When there is no curfew and no government noise insulation program it is not sharing the noise - it is dumping the noise on the residents of Western Sydney.