Budget for Badgerys Creek Airport

Budget for Badergys Creek Airport.  This weeks Federal budget has intimated that 2.9 billion dollars has been set aside to build all the infrastructure required so  Badgerys Creek Airport seamlessly fits into Western Sydney without disrupting traffic or trade. To the average Joe in Western Sydney 2.9 billion is an astronomical number, last heard of or used when sitting the HSC maths paper.  It is not a number he deals with in his home mortgage or his business loans for his trade or profession. The average Joe is going to think 2.9 billion should set Western Sydney up for an airport like Warragamba Dam set Sydney up for future water requirements. 

That’s exactly what the Treasurer Joe is counting on. If you look behind that astronomical number and Treasurer Joes’s pollie speak we can see how little infrastructure is going in to support 37 million passengers taking off and landing each year at Badgerys. For his money Treasurer Joe will ensure that Northern Rd will have an extra lane added each way from Penrith to Narellan. Elizabeth Drive will have an extra lane each way from Northern Rd to the M7. Bringelly Rd will have one extra lane from Camden Valley Way to Northern Rd. This will cost $2.9 billion over 10 years with only 200 million dollars over that same 10 years for other local roads that may be impacted by an airport the size of Mascot. That is $20 million a year for over passes and underpasses, on ramps and off ramps, at Western Sydney’s notorious gridlocks.   $20 million gets you a bridge for pedestrians not a traffic solution (see Penrith Green Bridge).

 $2 billion is being loaned to the NSW State Government to kick start the West Connex project which tunnels from Strathfield to Annandale then tunnels from Annandale to the end of the M5 and Mascot. Effectively linking the morning carparks on the M4 and M5 with a tunnel. The M4 to the CBD is still in the planning but M4 to Mascot has a two lane tunnel. This is to help Mascot travellers whose connecting flight may be leaving from Badgerys get there faster.  37 million of them? 

At the same time State Government funding is being slashed $80 billion and Federal assistance grants to local councils are being reduced by $1 billion.  So the States and councils aren't going to be funding roads in the next ten years. 
New roads and maintenance on old roads, will be reduced as funding cuts to schools and hospitals are refunded from savings in other areas e.g. roads. 

 Premier Baird estimates the federal cost shifting will leave NSW $1.2 billion short in health and $240 million short in roads in 2014/15. 

An example of the views of inner city anti airport campaigners

There are a dozen or more No Aircraft Noise groups around Mascot demanding better outcomes from airport management for surrounding suburbs.  They demand a second airport with a runway 4km long and a cross runway of 2.5km so it can eventually be a replacement for Mascot.  Read on it makes interesting reading to see what No Badgerys Creek campaigners are up against and how the government has had BCA in the pipeline since 2007 but not told us in the western suburbs.

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Mike Baird diverts Western Sydney infrastructure to build airport

We don't need an airport but we do need infrastructure.  Lift the curfew at Mascot and that is a cheap, instant 30% increase in capacity at Mascot - BUT NO! the government wants to waste our money building Badgerys Creek Airport and then has the arrogance not to curfew it. Why? because it flies over western suburbs homes.  Why do the eastern suburbs in the electorates of Jo Hockey and Anthony Albanese get a curfew and we don't?

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Selling Off Assets to pay for toll roads

Read Jackie's brochure on the sell off of electricity assets here 

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Federal Government won't build rail links for Badgerys Creek Airport until later

When Badgerys Creek Airport was put back on the agenda the federal Government announced plans for rail links but they won't be built until later. It is expected that it will be privately funded. Is this good enough when you want to disrupt people lives with 24/7 noise to also cause further traffic problems and extend local residents commute time to work.

See the report by clicking on this link http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/federal-government-plans-for-airport-rail-line-but-will-not-build-it-20140416-zqvkk.html

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Only 10 days at Christmas time given for submission on Badgerys Creek Environment study

As usual for governments in 2014 public comment is asked for in a sneaky way so no comments are garnered and when government gets it totally wrong for local constituents they can say "but we consulted the local community".  

A new environmental assessment process for the proposed Western Sydney airport at Badgerys Creek was launched on the 4 December with submissions closing on the 18th of December. "This Referral for an airport for Western Sydney to the Environment Minister is a precursor in meeting our environmental obligations and, importantly, in allowing for community consultation,” Mr Truss the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure said. 

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STORC members address to Penrith City Council on M9 and rail corridor

STORC members addressed Penrith City Council on 16 December 2014 regarding issues arising from the proposed M9 and rail corridor. The major issues are noise and resumption of houses. Coucillors Pru Car and Bernard Bratusa stopped short of withdrawing their corridor recomendation to transport NSW in favour the route to St Marys instead of Penrith. However they voted for an amendment to the Council position that did not support the resumption of established homes at Orchard Hills and Claremont Meadows. Both these councillors are running for the seat of Londonderry in the NSW elections and they can influence this decision if elected.

Click on the read more button to read a transcrit of Rob Kassouf, a STORC member and resident of Penrith, address to Council. 

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IMPORTANT COUNCIL MEETING - Monday 15th December at 7.00pm

STORC Action group is a Penrith community based organisation that has been holding the Penrith City Council accountable on the issues of the M9 and rail orbital going through or close to residents homes. Residents haven't been informed that their houses will be resumed. STORAC asks you to come to the Penrith City Council meeting and show your support for them.

Click on  read more button for details of the invitation to attend the Council meeting on Monday 15 December 2015 at 7pm.

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Freight Intermodal coming to Badgerys Creek as well

Liverpool Council understands the traffic chaos in store for Liverpool from an Freight Intermodal Centre at Moorebank and is seeking to put it at Badgerys Creek. Penrith City Council does not stand up for the traffic chaos from an airport at Badgerys Creek let alone an Intermodal.

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Option B ANEC Noise Maps

Option B - ANEC Noise maps Penrith, Blue Mountains, Blacktown, Campelltown and Camden Council areas.

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Option A - N70 Noise maps

Option A - N70 noise maps for Penrith, Blacktown or Camden council areas. This measures how many planes you will get overhead that are at greater than 70 decibels.

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